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International Day for Monuments and Sites

The Northern Cemetery in Stockholm on April 22

Following this year’s theme, The Heritage of Commemoration Stockholm Cemetery Management and ICOMOS Sweden invites to visit the North Cemetery in Stockholm.

The Northern Cemetery includes thirty mausoleums, memorial to the likes of Alfred Nobel, André expedition , more than a half-dozen Nobel laureates, Ingrid Bergman, Folke Bernadotte and Elsa Brändström (Siberia angel ). Join us for an exciting tour where a selection of these memorial monuments are visited!

Today cicerones are:
Börje Olsson, technical director at Stockholm cemetery administration (1984-2007) and a driving force in Sweden’s nomination of World Heritage Woodland Cemetery.
Håkan Jorikson museum director at Grenna museum and Polar Center with exhibition of Andrée’s Polar Expedition.
Jan-Erik Ellfolk, architect , who has studied the tomb buildings including at North Burial Ground in his thesis The built tomb.

Date: April 22 (note change of date to April 22 instead of April 18)
Time: 15:00 to 18:00
Location: Meet in the Economics Building 15C , located in kv. 15C , Sommarvindsvägen , Stockholm’s northern cemetery. Entrance through Gate 3 from Solna kyrkväg.

Communications: Bus to the Karolinska Hospital and from there about. 500 meter walk to the meeting place. Vehicle to Finance building is possible through Gate 3 and Gate 1 from Solna kyrkväg or via Gate 6 after exit from Uppsalavägen.

A warm welcome!


ICOMOS SWEDEN is the Swedish National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), a worldwide non-governmental organization for cultural heritage professionals, and the advisory body to UNESCO for the cultural heritage and the World Heritage Convention.

There are National Committees in over one hundred countries all over the world and more than 20 International Committees on various themes and issues related to the cultural heritage. An International Secretariat, located in Paris, coordinates the work.

ICOMOS’ primary objective is the conservation/preservation of historical monuments and environments. The organization functions as an international network of experts that defines, improves and promotes conservation/preservation principles and standards, as well as education/training, research and practice. An important part of this is elaborating charters and other international documents. The work is based on interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange between a great many categories of professions and disciplines concerned with the cultural heritage. The members are both individuals and institutions.

The activities of ICOMOS SWEDEN are not extensive, but through the organizations’ network it is possible for members to get in contact with, and take part in the professional heritage work and discussion internationally. We also collaborate with others on various projects and activities.

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